The amazing moment where you find romance in the supermarket or connect at an event is not far away...

But until then...

We introduce you to fun successful single Canadians through group Zoom dates.

This is NOT ON-LINE DATING  . You no longer have to wonder if your potential match's profile is real or not.

Through seeing your potential matches live by video, we feel that it allows you to connect in a more genuine way!

Match and Dine believes that you deserve the opportunity to

safely expand your social circle, even through this time of isolation.

Our staff personally matches you.

You deserve our personal-touch vs a computer-generated match.

Do you think you might be shy ? Put your worries to rest!

When we set you up on your group date, we are right there with you during your date to help get the introduction, conversation and chemistry flowing !

Group dating is fun !

A small group eliminates the sometimes awkward, interview type of feeling that  can often happen when all the focus is just on you.

Give Us A Try, we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised !