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An enjoyable alternative to apps and online dating.
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 Book Club Discussions 

Is reading something you are passionate about? We invite you to join our book club, a place where readers can come together and share their passion for reading.  

It's your choice of book, 8 to 10 people are matched for the discussion, and you exchange views while getting to know one another. Getting to know each other in this way is a creative way to start a relationship.

 Cocktail Hour 

We can arrange a cocktail hour in the comfort of your own home. Come join us for the cocktail hour on Zoom. Our team gets people together, and you make the drink of your choice. Take a break and relax while chatting with like-minded people.  A great alternative to going outside in bad weather. 

 Newly Arrived 

You may be new to the city or even new to the country. Would you like to meet other members that are in similar situations? There may be many things you have in common with each other, including originating from the same place.  Find a chat where you can discover and share where you're from with other people. It's great to hear great stories.

 Travel Chat 

Is travel something you enjoy? Here's the chat for you!

Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions. Experiences shared over travel are a fantastic way to bond.

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 Game Night 

Those who enjoy group games nights can participate in fun zoom group dates that include games you would find at a party or get-together. No better way to let our guard down and open up than with laughter and fun competition. 

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 Music Chat 

Music lovers and/or musicians are welcome to join this Zoom group chat. Share your concert experience and your desire to attend concerts in the future. During our discussion, we will discuss the love and passion we have for the art.

We are committed to providing you with the best dating experiences.
We welcome you to share your ideas !

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